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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

8:30 Registration

8:55 Opening

9:00/10:00 Keynote Speaker: Richard S. Kayne (NYU)                                                   The silence of Projecting Heads

Kayne The Silence of Projecting Heads Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Beatriz Fernández (UPV/EHU)

Mafioso parameters and the limits of syntactic variation
Theresa Biberauer (Univ. of Cambridge), Ian Roberts (Univ. of Cambridge) & Michelle L. Sheehan (Univ. of Cambridge)

Chair: Francisco Ordoñez (Stonybrook Univ.)

Towards a (non-syntactic) theory of variation
Evelina Leivada (Univ. de Barcelona) & Cedric Boeckx (ICREA, Univ. de Barcelona)

Coffee Break

How can merge-based efficiency-compliant mechanism deal with a ‘head-initial vs. head-final’ variation?
Hisatsugu Kitahara (Keio Univ.)

Kitahara Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Arantzazu Elordieta (UPV/EHU)

The head parameter as encoded into functional categories
Jun Abe (Tohoku Gakuin Univ.)

Abe Head Parameter Bilbo TTSV


Microvariation in Welsh pronouns and agreement
David Willis (Univ. of Cambridge)

Willis Welsh pronouns Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Ane Odria (UPV/EHU)

Syntactic variation in Romance v
Angel Gallego (Univ. Autònoma de Barcelona)

Gallego Romance v Bilbo TTSV

Coffee Break

Unexpected variation between EP and BP – rethinking parameters
Manuela Ambar (Univ. de Lisboa)

Chair: Ane Odria (UPV/EHU)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

9:00/10:00 Keynote Speaker: Esther Torrego (IKERBASQUE, UPV/EHU)               Comp connections: Then and now

Chair:  Itziar Laka (UPV/EHU)

Formal features and ergative variation
Edith Aldridge (Univ. of Washington)

Aldridge Ergative variation Bilbo TTSV

Chair:  Aritz Irurtzun (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)

Towards a parameter hierarchy for alignment
Michelle L. Sheehan (Univ. of Cambridge)

Sheehan Parameter Hierarchy for Alignment Bilbo TTSV

Sheehan References Bilbo TTSV

Coffee Break

Micro- and macro-parameters in Mayan syntactic ergativity
Robert Henderson (McGill Univ.), Jessica Coon (McGill Univ.) & Lisa Travis (McGill Univ.)

Henderson, Coon & Travis Mayan syntactic ergativity Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Ane Berro (UPV/EHU)

12:20/ 13:00
Locating variation in person restrictions: When they arise and how to get out of them
Martin Walkow (UCLA)

Walkow Person Restrictions Bilbo TTSV


15:00/16:00 Keynote Speaker: Hagit Borer (Queen Mary, Univ. of London)                Heads and segments

Borer Heads and Segments Bilbo TTSV

Chair:  Robert A. Freidin (Princeton Univ.)

Coffee Break

A tale of two datives
Ulyana Savchenko (Univ. of Toronto) & Yves Roberge (Univ. of Toronto)

Savchenko & Roberge A tale of two datives Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Pablo Albizu (UPV/EHU)

The Generalized Applicative Hypothesis
Dimitris Michelioudakis (Univ. of Cambridge)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Syntactic variation in nominal root compounding
Leah S. Bauke (Goethe University)

Bauke Nominal root compounding Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Maia Duguine (UPV/EHU)

Toward microparameters of mass and count Amy Rose Deal (Univ. of California)

Language variation and the nature of parametric dependencies
Cedric Boeckx (ICREA, Univ. de Barcelona) & Evelina Leivada (Univ. de Barcelona)

Chair: Aritz Irurtzun (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)

Coffee Break

The historical reality of parametric variation
Giusepe Longobardi (Univ. of Trieste), Cristina Guardiano (Univ. di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Giuseppina Silvestri (Univ. di Trieste), Andrea Ceolin (Univ. di Trieste), Luca Bortolussi (Univ. di Trieste), Andrea Sgarro (Univ. di Trieste)

Chair: Aritz Irurtzun (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)

Keynote Speaker: Milan Rezac (CNRS-IKER UMR 5478)
Phi constructions: Scope, locality and autonomy of syntactic variation


A unified account for Italian pro-drop and German topic-drop
Nobu Goto (Mie Univ.)

Goto Italian pro-drop Bilbo TTSV

Chair: Maia Duguine (UPV/EHU)

Parametric view on Tense Projection
Ryosuke Shibagaki (Nanzan Univ.) & Hideki Kishimoto (Kobe Univ.)

Shibagaki & Kishimoto Tense Projection Bilbo TTSV

Coffee Break

Partial wh-movement revisited: a microcomparative perspective

Eefje Boef (ZAS Berlin)

Chair: Bill Haddican (City Univ. of New York)

Boef Partial wh-movement Bilbo TTSV

Why is Integrated Parenthetical integrated?

Yasuyuki Fukutomi (Fukushima Univ.)

Fukutomi Bilbo TTSV