4th European Dialect Syntax Meeting

Variation in datives: a micro-comparative perspective

Donostia/San Sebastián, June 21-23, 2010

4. Call for Papers

The European research network Edisyn and the Basque research group Basdisyn organize the 4th European Dialect Syntax Workshop in Donostia/San Sebastián, June 21-23, 2010, as part of the XXII. European Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country.

The network is a meeting point for research done in the area of variation in dialectal continua, and gathers researchers from all across Europe. This year, the meeting will include, together with reporting sessions involving the projects operating under the network, a thematic one open to all linguists working on syntactic microvariation, that is to say, doing micro-comparative research on dialect syntax. The thematic session will be devoted to dative case and agreement. We therefore invite original contributions related to any of the following issues:

  • Aspectual and thematic overlap of dative marking (θ-roles linked to datives, complementarity among datives and (other) adpositions, syncretism in clitic/agreement-paradigms, etc.).
  • Restrictions on dative arguments (animacy, definiteness, etc.).
  • Datives in valency-augmenting constructions (causatives and others).
  • Dative-, benefactive- and locative-shifts, as well as external possessors.
  • Dative subjects.
  • Datives in the nominal domain (internal possessor datives, DP-internal restrictions on datives, etc.).
  • Datives in the PP-domain (selectional relations between prepositions/postpositions and DAT complements).
  • Alternations in case marking (DAT/NOM or ABS, DAT/ACC or ABS, DAT/GEN, etc.).
  • Datives in agreement (among others, featural specification —animacy, definiteness, etc.— of dative markers; optionality of dative agreement/clitic doubling; agreement-restrictions involving datives plus other arguments —Person Case Constraint or similar—; case and agreement mismatches; canonical and non-canonical agreement with datives).

Abstracts should be sent in PDF or Word format to Ane Berro (ane.berro@ehu.es). They should not exceed one page, with an optional additional page for examples and references. Submissions should be anonymous. Contact details (name, affiliation and e-mail) along with the title of the talk should be included in the body of the e-mail.

Language of the workshop: English.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is March 15th 2010.

Notification of acceptance by April 30th 2010.

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Kayne, Richard (New York University)
  • Svenonius, Peter (University of Tromsř)
  • Tráinsson, Höskuldur (University of Iceland)
  • Bosque, Ignacio (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)