4th European Dialect Syntax Meeting

Variation in datives: a micro-comparative perspective

Donostia/San Sebastián, June 21-23, 2010

7. Useful information


Summer Courses can provide students and participants with accommodation (Prices include VAT and correspond to each person per night, except for double rooms in Manuel Agud Querol, Olarain and hotels).

Booking details must be included in the application form, to be sent together with the receipt.

Rooms will have to be reserved before 22:00 p.m. on the check-in day (There will be no receptionist after that time).

Residencia Universitaria Manuel Agud Querol
Paseo de Berio 9, 20018 SAN SEBASTIAN
38,59 € per person and night (single room)
65,48 € 2 people-night (double room)
(Breakfast not included. Kitchen available. Minimum stay 2 nights. Weekly cleaning.)

Colegio Mayor Olarain
Paseo de Ondarreta nº 24, 20008 SAN SEBASTIAN
56,71 € per person and night (single room)
87,74 € 2 people-night (double room)
(Breakfast and room cleaning included.)

Residencia de estudiantes Villa Alaidi E.A.M.
Paseo de Hériz nº 95, 20009 SAN SEBASTIAN.
25 € per person and night (shared room)

Albergue La Sirena
Paseo de Igueldo nº 25, 20008 SAN SEBASTIAN.
17 € per person and night (shared room)

Colegio La Salle
Madalena Jauregiberri nº 2, 20014 SAN SEBASTIAN.
21 € per person and night (single room with shared bath )
(Breakfast and room cleaning included.)

In hotels:

Special rates are provided by the travel agency "VIAJES MUNDO TRES" at the hotels listed below:

(Jesus Mari García))


Hotel Costa Vasca
106.92 Eur/single_room/night (breakfast incl.)
129.60 Eur/double_room/night (breakfast incl.)

Hotel Codina
96.84 Eur/single_room/night (breakfast incl.)
123.05 Eur/double_room/night (breakfast incl.)