Related groups & projects

» Syntantic variation

LANGELIN (Meeting Darwin’s last challenge: toward a global tree of human languages and genes; University of York)

ReCoS (Rethinking Comparative Syntax; University of Cambridge)

SSWL (Syntactic Structures of the World’s Langauges; UCLA)

AThEME (Advancing the European Multilingual Experience)

» Atlas and Corpora

ARBRES (Vers un Atlas numérique des variations dialectales du breton en syntaxe; CNRS UMR 7110, University of Paris VII)

ASIt (Atlante Sintattico d’Italia; Centro Nationale di Reçerca)

BCL (Bases, Corpus, Langage; CNRS UMR 6039, University of Nice)

CORDIAL-SIN (Syntax-oriented Corpus of Portuguese Dialects; University of Lisbonne)

COSER (Corpus Oral y Sonoro del Español Rural; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

FinDiaSyn (Finnic Dialect Syntax; Research Institute for the Languages of Finland)

LDOLR (Linguistics and dialectology of Occitan and Romance languages; CLLE Research Institute UMR 5263, Toulouse Le Mirail & Univ. of Bordeaux III Michel de Montaigne)

N’CLAV (Nordic Collaboration on Language Variation; University of Goteborg)

SADS (Syntactic Atlas of Swiss German Dialects; University of Zürich)

SAND (Dynamic Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch dialects; Meertens Instituut)

SANPAD projects (Afrikaans SANPAD Variation project; Rhodes University)

ScanDiaSyn (Scandinavian Dialect Syntax including DanDiaSyn, IceDiaSyn, NorDiaSyn and SweDiaSyn; Univ. of Tromsø, Oslo, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Lund and Gothenburg Univ., and Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology at Trodheim)

Variflex (Variation in Inflection; University of Amsterdam and Meertens Instituut)

» Related groups from the Basque Country

CNRS IKER UMR 5478 (CNRS, Université Bordeaux Montaigne and Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA))

EUDIA (University of the Basque Country)

The Bilingual Mind (University of the Basque Country)

HiTT (Group for Theoretical Linguistics of the Basque Country; University of the Basque Country)

Monumenta Linguae Vasconum (University of the Basque Country)