PhD students

» Itziar Mendizabal Lujanbio

PhD student

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

University of Deusto

Unibertsitate Etorb., 24.

48007 Bilbao

Basque Country

I am a 4th year student of the double degree in Basque Language and Culture and Modern Languages at the University of Deusto (2019-2024). I have always had an admiration for languages, but my interest in linguistics and grammar began when I started university. That is because I was not yet aware of the depth that these fields could have, but since then, I have been very curious about them. I am studying deverbal nominalisation in the Final Degree Project under the direction of Ane Berro and I am doing my internship in the Basque and Beyond project.

Research interests

Derivation, nominalization, event structure, aspect




Basque (native speaker), Spanish, English (C1), French (B2), Chinese (B1)