Basque in Variation / Euskara Bariazioan (BiV) is an online database on Basque morphosyntactic features that show cross-dialectal variation. It stores the data obtained from questionnaires in several Basque varieties regarding a limited set of morphosyntactic features. BiV defines the syntactic features on an absence/presence basis and provides the user with illustrative examples. The values of the features are shown by different colours on the maps. The contributors are mainly but not necessarily language experts with native knowledge of a particular Basque variety, or alternatively, linguists with dialect expertise. The database is open access and thus, can be freely used. It is provided in both English and Basque.


  • Number of Varieties: 28
  • Number of Contributors: 28
    • Number of Features: 69
    • Number of examples that illustrate variational/subvariational patterns: 140



In order to build the database, we have used MySQL, and for dynamic webpages, we have used the Perl programming language.

Map databases (those of the Basque Country, of Basque dialects and of towns) have been taken from the webpage of Ahotsak, and they have been displayed using the API of Google Maps.


Creators: Beatriz Fernández (UPV/EHU) and Ane Berro (UMR 7023 CNRS/Paris 8 and UPV/EHU)

Computer expert: Josu Landa (Ametzagaiña I + D)

Consultants: Richard S. Kayne (NYU) and Patxi Goenaga (Euskaltzaindia)

UPV/EHU graduate research assistants: Alazne Arriortua (PIC 30/16, March - June 2016), Itziar Orbegozo (PIC 168-16, September 2016 - April 2017), Xabier Agirre (PIC 275/17, November 2017 - February 2018), Iñigo Urrestarazu (PIC 70-18, April - July 2018), Kristina Bilbao (PIC 126/22, August - October 2022)

Logo: Iñaki Larrañaga


3rd edition: Bilbao, Kristina, Ane Odria, Ane Berro, Josu Landa & Beatriz Fernández (ed). 2022. Euskara Bariazioan / Basque in Variation (BiV). UPV/EHU Editorial Service. [Available on line at https://basqueandbeyond.ehu.eus/biv/]. ISBN: 978-84-1319-456-1.

2nd edition: Orbegozo, Itziar, Iñigo Urrestarazu, Ane Berro, Josu Landa eta Beatriz Fernández. 2018. Euskara Bariazioan / Basque in Variation (BiV). UPV/EHU Editorial Service. ISBN: 978-84-9082-939-4.

1st edition: Fernández, Beatriz, Ane Berro, Itziar Orbegozo, Alazne Arriortua & Josu Landa. 2016. Euskara Bariazioan / Basque in Variation (BiV). UPV/EHU Editorial Service. ISBN: 978-84-9082-479-5.




If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at: basqueinvariation@gmail.com